For the past twenty years, Positive Psychology (“the science of happiness”) has investigated the real factors behind human happiness. These insights have inspired the novel and engaging tasks in the Happiness calendar. This program offers practical steps to anyone who wants to become a little happier. And who wouldn’t want that?

Philosophers have wondered about the importance of happiness since ancient times. Aristotle was very clear: happiness is the ultimate goal in everything people do and don’t do. Inspired by his words, thinkers and scientists then spent more than two thousand years trying to find an answer to the question: what makes someone happy?

This has led to the new scientific field: Positive Psychology. Scientists in this area are systematically studying the “factors behind happiness." Their conclusion: your possessions, your work and your living situation are important conditions, but real happiness comes from your daily activities (the things you do) and relationships (the people you hang out with). You can give yourself a huge happiness boost by building small, meaningful activities into your daily life.

We put all of Positive Psychology’s findings into the Happiness program. For example, the fact that discovering something new every day makes you more creative and happier. Or that dwelling on positive things is very good for your mood. Every day participants are given little surprises and stimulated to move away just a little from their daily routine.   

We have developed and tested the Tinytask Happiness program with various organizations, such as the Dutch Tax Authority and De ParticipatieKliniek. They showed that it works very well for individual employees’ happiness, but it also stimulated empathy and cohesion within teams.


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