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All kinds of organizations are focusing more and more on keeping their people engaged, inspired and happy. It’s crucial for nurturing and retaining good people. Organizations also want to regularly bring about cultural changes. Every year, countless seminars and training courses take place to achieve these goals. They might create a lot of immediate buzz but, unfortunately, most people will go back to their old ways afterwards. To really make an impact, new habits must be put into daily practice.

This is where Tinytask excels. Over the course of a month, employees receive a task every day which they can fit into their daily routine – whether at work or at home. By immediately putting principles into practice, they remain engaged to a much greater degree. And, when teams of employees discuss their Tinytask experiences together in weekly meetings, the impact is even greater.

In addition to the calendar, we offer other services and resources to make Tinytask a success in any organization. For example, we can organize a kick-off event with an inspiring lecture by an expert. We can design posters, a newsletter or an internal banner to give the program more visibility. And our researchers can perform pre- and post-program surveys to determine the positive impact on the organization.


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