Tinytask topics

Each calendar is based on four ‘topics’. Overall, Tinytask uses eight such ‘topics’ – each with its own unique purpose and method. All, however, combine playful tasks and insightful moments of reflection.

A healthy body is essential for a healthy mind. This topic provides fun tasks to engage people with healthy eating, daily exercise and balanced sleep patterns.

Few factors determine health and happiness as much as social contact. Through playful tasks, this topic gives ideas on making new contacts and deepening existing relationships.

Everyone has to find out for themselves what makes life worthwhile for them. This topic’s tasks help people explore their talents, reflect on personal values, and discover what inspires them.

Playing is a skill that everyone learns as a child, but many lose as adults. Playing stimulates creativity, openness and positive emotions. This topic shows how a playful attitude can help in daily life.

The best antidote to anxiety is being present in the moment. The Awareness topic is about peace and patience, disconnecting from hectic everyday life and experiencing the world with an open mind.

Dreams are achieved by setting goals and continuing to take small steps in the right direction. This topic encourages people to think about their goals and make the road to those goals concrete.

Many benefits are linked with what specialists term "savoring": dwelling on the positive. Participants in this topic relive enjoyable moments, express gratitude and look ahead to a bright future.

Our surroundings impact significantly on our wellbeing and happiness. This topic helps participants to literally beautify their environment but also to create a sense of order and structure.

Tinytask is an Emotion Studio

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Designed and produced in Rotterdam.

Illustration: Levi Jacobs


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