The Tinytask story

Tinytask was developed in 2010 by Prof. Pieter Desmet and then-student Hans Ruitenberg at Delft University of Technology, using recent insights from Positive Psychology and Design Thinking. Their aim was to translate the abstract lessons of scientific happiness research into something that anyone could apply in their daily life. The result was Tinytask, a system of tokens featuring engaging and fun tasks which can easily be fitted into even the busiest schedules.

Proven effect

In 2016, Desmet and Sääksjärvi published a study in which they had participants perform a daily Tinytask exercise for six weeks. After a few weeks, this group scored significantly higher on happiness (satisfaction with life) than the control group. In addition, Tinytask’s tactile form contributed to higher success rates compared to tasks just given on paper to the control group.

Further development

Emotion Studio continues to develop Tinytask. We constantly seek collaboration with other professionals and experts. For example, our healthcare programs have been developed in partnership with doctors and other healthcare providers from the Netherlands. For our programs designed for organizations, we have worked with HR experts and career coaches.

The current programs have been tested in a large number of projects. Tinytask has been used by nursing home staff, the tax authorities and multinationals such as Unilever. In addition, Emotion Studio has developed services to help embed Tinytask in organizations and continues to research its effectiveness.

The Tinytask formula

Tinytask tasks are written using just a few short sentences. This makes them appear deceptively simple. But a lot of thinking and testing goes into every one and our Tinytask formula guarantees quality every time.

The formula is called ‘FEST’ which stands for:

Fun - every task should be fun to do. You want to do it right away

Experiential - it must be something to do or take part in

Spark - there must be something special in it: something surprising, exciting or insightful

Tiny - the task should be small and something you could do at any time

We continue to develop and test brand new Tinytask programs all the time.

Tinytask is an Emotion Studio

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