TinyTask for healthcare

Working with doctors and other healthcare providers, we see that promoting a healthy lifestyle is becoming increasingly important. Prevention is better (and in most cases more pleasant and effective) than cure! So healthcare providers try to talk to their patients or clients about healthy behavior at the first opportunity. But, in practice, it’s often difficult to start that conversation. People tend to think that the healthcare professional should just solve their problem – not give them a lecture! And most caregivers don’t like to "point the finger" anyway and so look for more positive ways to initiate the conversation.

Tinytask is an excellent tool for this. For the person receiving care it is a small gift they can use immediately. Instead of a lot of information, they are given fun, daily tasks. What’s more, caregivers can still engage those under their care in a conversation about lifestyle changes during and after the program by discussing their experiences with Tinytask.

In addition to the calendar, we offer other services and resources to help make Tinytask a success in any practice. For example, we can design posters or newsletters to promote the program. Our trainers can also visit the practice for conversation exercises or to give short training sessions on using Tinytask.

In recent years, we have developed and tested Tinytask programs by working with a group of healthcare professionals in the Netherlands. GPs, midwives, dieticians and therapists offered Tinytask to clients and patients from all walks of life for one year. All groups were enthusiastic about the positive and accessible approach of the program.

Tinytask is an Emotion Studio

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Designed and produced in Rotterdam.

Illustration: Levi Jacobs


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