In today’s rapidly changing world, organizations have to innovate constantly. Creativity is the key to innovation and therefore seen as the most important skill of the 21st century.  Organizations with creative people are not only innovative, but also effective and flexible. What’s more, creative employees enjoy their work more. With this program you train your creativity through concrete assignments while working on crafting an environment that stimulates creativity in others.


Creativity is the only way to find solutions. Einstein once said: “We cannot solve our problems by thinking in the same way as when we created them.” Fortunately, everyone has creativity in them and it is a skill that can be trained.


Creativity can be stimulated by, for example, associating, observing or experimenting. In addition, an open, curious attitude and a safe social environment is important. One must feel safe to express new and perhaps unconventional ideas without being judged on them.


Employees’ creative ideas can lead to large-scale innovations. And letting go of your creative mind shouldn’t be limited to brainstorming sessions, but can be discovered and applied at any time of the day.


Together with Unilever, Emotion Studio has developed the Creativity program to allow employees’ creative potential to flourish. The resulting calendar encourages them to explore their creative skills in a fun and engaging way by adopting a curious attitude, offering new experiences, changing the way they look, and stimulating the senses.


Interested in using the Creativity program in your organization? Contact us today to find out what’s possible.

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