Society is placing more and more demands on us all. Many people have a tough job or a busy family life – or both. Problems such as stress and sleep deprivation creep up on us. But they can both be prevented by incorporating brief rest and reflection moments into our day. This program offers daily exercises to help people deal with goals and expectations, live consciously and be mentally resilient.


People have high expectations and want to excel both at work and in their private life as a partner, parent or friend. These sky-high expectations, in combination with the need to always be reachable and way too many other distractions, sometimes lead to psychological and physical boundaries being exceeded. According to figures from TNO and CBS, in 2018 nearly 1.3 million Dutch employees suffered from burnout complaints such as fatigue and physical exhaustion, irritability, concentration problems, emotional instability, worry, and agitation resulting in worse sleep, poorer performance at work, and physical complaints.

In order to manage mental and physical stress, it is important to learn how to find a good balance, set priorities, and relax in order to take control of your life. The Balance program can help.  

The Balance program is based on mindfulness techniques and provides simple tasks to help you develop a personal goal and vision. The calendar includes relaxation exercises and tips for a balanced diet that can easily be integrated into daily life.


Interested in using the Balance program in your organization? Contact us today to find out what’s possible.

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